No state regulated coaching system rises to meet this need. Such systems exist either for elite racing (Darwinian Natural Selection) or mass market mediocrity. They directly inhibit self-realisation and generate various degrees of confusion, frustration, fear and injury instead. Most skiers experience some of those undesirable outcomes but seldom correctly identify the cause, normally blaming themselves.  People start to believe that they have limitations or that they are at fault in not understanding the coaching. Very few people question authority and the validity of the information they receive at the hands of “experts”.




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Private / Family Coaching
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Individually tailored coaching for all levels. Different levels can be mixed when people want to remain together. Personal coaching brings best results due to exclusive coaching focus and feedback. Contact directly for rates and availability. (Contact details at the bottom of this page)



There are performance clinics for every level from complete beginner to pro. The options are clearly laid out in the Courses page. All skiers work on the same underlying principles but at an appropriate level of challenge to stretch their skill and awareness levels.




Teaching is a natural part of a skier’s development. Many people want to be able to teach for such genuine reasons. For this to work well teaching must be done in a manner that permits the coach to develop as well as the student. The ISC (Independent Ski Coach) certification program has been established to fulfil this requirement. ISC prepares people to be able to teach Intelligent Ski Coaching principles - from first time instructors up to fully certified national ski teachers. Full details are given in the Courses page.



Meta Coaching Modules

All of the Intelligent Ski Coaching material is contained in clearly defined modules. The Meta-Coaching-Modules are outlined in the Modules page.


The SkiTools CDRom is a basic multimedia resource for understanding the key issues of Intelligent Ski Coaching and why this is fundamentally different from any other coaching. The CD is sold at a price designed just to cover costs - it runs on all versions of Windows but was designed for the old 4:3 screen dimensions. Skitools CDRom is available from the CDRom page.




The blog is a direct client feedback resource and an ongoing account of technique and teaching development.

SkiTools CDRom

The website is a resource where course video and photos are accessed. This is also where valuable articles and explanations will be available. Course prices and other regularly updated material will also be hosted here.





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